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Our Bestseller: PacNo.3

Digisleeve PacNo.3

The CD cover "PacNo.3" is a digisleeve with two pockets, one for booklet and one for CD or DVD. One of the pockets has a  diagonal bleed.

For our CD cover we process recycled and FSC certificated paper grade in several colors and textures.


EcoDisc - The Green Option


The EcoDisc is an ecological alternative to  DVD5.

Producing an EcoDisc emits 52% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than producing a conventional DVD5.



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USB Flash Drive Wood

USB-Sticks aus Holz

All USB Flash Drive be produced with high-grade storage from 128 MB up to 64 GB. For this storage we offer a 10 year warranty. more…

Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes

Our range contains wooden boxes made of different lumbers and qualities.

You gan get a light cigar box as well as a casket of beechwood with several kind of metal fittings.



Digifile aus Kraftkarton

The Digifile is a low-priced and versatile CD cover. It is available with 4 up to 10 pages and has one or multiple slots for CDs, booklets and covercards. more…